Continuous Lifecycle London

Join us for Continuous Lifecycle London at the QEII Centre on the 17th - 19th May

Managing Director, Andy Cureton, will be speaking at the event on the 17th May discussing the "10 Things Learned from Delivering DevOps Solutions to over 100 Global Customers".

About Continuous Lifecycle London

Continuous Delivery and DevOps are an integral part of day-to-day business, while containerization techniques and the tools from the Docker and Kubernetes ecosystems are gaining more and more traction. But this leaves development and operations looking for ways to make old and new work together, and facing a whole fresh set of challenges implementing new tools and dealing with potential security issues.

Continuous Lifecycle London 2017 will reveal the potential and the obstacles developers, architects and CIOs face in implementing these technologies. The conference's holistic approach will not only address concepts, processes and tools that are essential to Continuous Delivery, containerization and DevOps, but also puts real world experts centre stage to share their practical experience with you.

They will take you beyond the big ideas and grand visions, and show you how you can apply the latest methodologies and technologies to real world problems, whether at team level, or scaled up and right across a major enterprise.



TOPIC: 10 Things Learned from Delivering DevOps Solutions to over 100 Global Customers

DATE: May 17, 2017

TIME: 11:15 am - 12:00 pm

Managing Director Andy Cureton's keynote session will cover the important lessons we have learned from implementing DevOps practices and principles around the world for over 100 organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Drawing on real-world customer examples, Andy will explain how ECS Digital has helped organisations resolve a range of different challenges.

Andy will step through a checklist of the key Dos and Don’t s relating to any DevOps journey, and will also discuss some of the important learnings and subsequent improvements that we have made to our approach along the way.



The event will take place at the QEII Centre: Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London, SW1P 3EE. 

Details around talk venues will be confirmed at a later date.


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